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Well Drilling

Quality Drilling Services in the Hayward, WI Area

For residential, commercial, and industrial well & directional drilling services within a 50 mile radius of Hayward, Wisconsin, call Butterfield Inc. to provide you with quality drilling work. Using state and local data, we research well depths in your designated area within 50 miles of Hayward, Wisconsin.

Butterfield’s Drilling Services

Water Well Drilling

Residential & commercial water well drilling services.

  • Drilling
  • Well screening
  • Well pump installations
  • Pressure tank installation
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Constant pressure upgrade
  • Water line connections
  • Address well compliance issues

Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is a trenchless method for installing telecommunications, power, water, sewer, gas, oil, product pipelines, and geothermal ground loops.

Directional drilling is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and because it eliminates the need to dig a trench. It falls under the broad industry headings of “trenchless technology” and “no-dig” underground construction.

  • Geothermal loop fields
  • Utility lines
  • Water & sewer lines

IGSHPA Certified

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